Welcome, friend and fellow seeker. There can be no doubt that you have been divinely led here.
You are on a journey of self-exploration and awakening into your highest good, your highest potential, and you are seeking others who see and understand you. Well, you have found a safe space here, a container, peaceful respite, a haven.

So, prepare for a true renewal and uplift of your body, mind and spirit. 

Regardless of what you might be feeling right now, somewhere deep down, you know you are meant to be here, a worthy, necessary part of the inclusive, exquisite tapestry that is humanity.
You know, somehow, that you are miraculous. Created, seen, guided and unconditionally loved by an incredible Creator - made in that Creator's likeness, even.

Therefore you, too, must be a powerful Creator.

No one, in the history of nearly 100 billion humans that have lived on the planet, NO ONE has had the unique passions, gifts, skills, thoughts, likes and dislikes, personality, fingerprints even, as YOU!  

You've seen things amazing happen that you couldn't explain, you've felt powerful, even invincible, at times, hints or inklings that perhaps you are miraculous. You have had moments that have literally taken your breath away that you swear were meant for only YOU.
As you start to understand that the Universe is ALWAYS sending you messages & signs as evidence that it is listening and responding to your energy, you'll see that those moments WERE meant for YOU!
Let me reiterate this because the Universe is doing everything it can to happily surprise and delight YOU in any given moment!
These are not just coincidences, They're serendipities, Co-created-Incidences, orchestrated by the Universe to bring you all you desire. This is all evidence of the miracle of YOU and of LIFE.

By being here, you are part of a global family of like minded beings who want to BE the change they see in the world. Our mission at IGNITE THE SPARK WITHIN is to uplift humanity with gentle healing modalities, loving kindness & compassion, giving you the precious gift of a more peaceful, vibrant, healthy life and truly cultivating the awareness of the miracle that you are, and that miracles really do abound in your life.

When you begin living from the self-loving space of "I am a MIRACLE", your life will see continuous improvement and automatically become more miraculous. It is a natural law of the Universe, that what you put out will return to you magnified and multiplied. And so it is.

Truth is, the whole world benefits from the ripple effect of your more positive mindset & better thoughts, attitudes and energy because when your mindset, thoughts and attitudes change, so will your energy, and so will your LIFE!  


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Thank you for being here, we wish you endless blessings on this journey, Radiant Spirit.

Namaste, Om Shanti Peace 

Deanna & Team Ignite

About us

With 30+ years of experience, Deanna Heon, Master Spiritual Life Coach and Teacher of the Gentle Healing Arts, uses the modalities of Yoga, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, and much, much more, to help you lighten up and brighten up your life in every area - and open you up to all of the miracles meant for YOU.